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Planetary, worm and spur gears available from stock. Miniature drive systems up to 150Nm.


Choose the most suitable design and change appearance and shape according to your wishes. Even in small quantities with unbeaten short delivery times.

made for you

Benefit from our extensive experience in the development of tailor-made drive solutions. For small and medium quantities.

In the HILstory section we take a look back at products from the more than 70 year history of HILBA Antriebstechnik AG. Travel back in time with us.

Product Categories

Planetary Gears

Gear units for high torques and reduction ratios with low power dissipation.

Reduction 3:1 to 1539:1
Torque 0.5 to 150Nm
Outside diameter 26 to 85mm

Worm Gear

Gearbox with rectangular axle position and low noise emission.

Reduction 2.25:1 to 100:1
Torque 0.8 to 12Nm
Axial spacing 12 to 31mm

Spur Gear

Cost-effective gearbox design with a wide range of applications.

Reduction 2.5:1 to 360:1
Torque 0.6 to5Nm

Screw Jack

The high-speed HILBA screw jack drive was specially developed as a drive in entry assistance systems for mobile stretchers. However, the screw jack is also used wherever heavy loads have to be moved quickly.

Axial force 1500N
Positioning speed up to 10m/min