In the HILstory section we take a look back at products from the more than 70 year history of HILBA Antriebstechnik AG. Travel back in time with us.

Electric Stove

[1945]   Switzerland was already extensively supplied with electricity in [...]

Electric Stove2020-09-15T00:56:03+02:00

The first company brochure

[1947]   Potential customers were informed about the new business [...]

The first company brochure2020-09-15T00:35:55+02:00

HILBA Universal Camera

[1947]   The HILBA universal camera was a bestseller from [...]

HILBA Universal Camera2020-09-15T00:32:25+02:00

Three-tone gong

[1950]   The HILBA three-tone gong was created for the [...]

Three-tone gong2020-09-15T00:24:22+02:00

Detention Cameras

[1949]   HILBA has produced recording stations for several Swiss [...]

Detention Cameras2020-09-15T00:22:18+02:00

Exposure meter Color-Lux

[1955]   The Color-Lux was a selenium exposure meter for [...]

Exposure meter Color-Lux2020-09-15T00:10:24+02:00

The Shaded-pole motor

[1956]   The shaded-pole motor belongs to the group of [...]

The Shaded-pole motor2020-09-14T23:55:06+02:00

Christmas at Jelmoli

[1985]   In 1985, the Jelmoli department store chain had [...]

Christmas at Jelmoli2020-09-14T22:29:41+02:00


[1985]   At the beginning of 1985, Charles Morgan was [...]

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