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We offer a wide range of pre-configured drive gear motors.

However, if you prefer your own electric motor, we certainly are happy to help you out. We are specialized in attaching our worm, planetary and spur gear units to any motor as desired. You alone decide whether you deliver the motor to us, or if we should procure it for you, or even select a motor according to your own specifications.

Still unsure whether HILBA is the right provider for you? Here are some points that will convince you:

  • Swiss quality and Swiss values.
  • Each delivered gear is subjected to a comprehensive performance test.
  • Extremely short delivery times. Individual parts are kept available in stock and are assembled based on customer requests.
  • You need additional bores or a longer output shaft? Then you are in good company. Most of our customers have wishes that cannot be covered by the standard product groups in stock. For exactly these cases we have developed our HILBA formula. Infinite customization possibilities even for small quantities with unrivalled short delivery times.

The following series can be selected from.



Getriebe für hohe Drehmomente und Untersetzungen bei kleiner Verlustleistung.






Getriebe mit rechtwinkliger Achslage und hoher Laufruhe.






Kostengünstige Getriebe-Bauform mit breitem Anwendungsspektrum.




What you should know.

How does the engine mounting process look like in practice?2021-02-17T08:46:40+01:00

HILBA Antriebstechnik AG develops and produces gears up to 150 Nm for industrial applications. Our gearboxes are designed in such a way that we can fit motors of all types and manufacturers. And that works as follows:

  • You already have selected a motor or even have one at hand. Or you know exactly what the particular motor has to be able to perform and we can recommend a suitable make for your purposes.
  • You decide whether you want to deliver the engine to us or whether we may procurethe engine for you. Both is possible.
  • As soon as we have the engine in our hands, we prepareit for mounting. To do this, we shorten engine shafts, build toothed gear components or even sensors onto the engines. This work step requires a lot of know-how and usually cannot be carried out at the customers facilities.
  • • As soon as the gears are assembled, we carry out a function test on 100% of the drives. For this purpose we have suitable control units for all common motor types in stock.

If you do not want to worry about selecting a suitable motor yourself, we can offer you a large number of pre-configured geared motors.

Planetary gears, worm gears. What is the difference?2021-02-17T09:09:13+01:00

Planetary and worm gears differ fundamentally in the way they function.

With worm gears, the contact surfaces of the gear teeth glide on each other like a ski on snow. This makes the worm gear a very quiet option during operation. At the same time, the surfaces are subject to wear due to friction and part of the energy is converted into heat, resulting in a lower level of efficiency. Therefore, a material with good emergency running properties such as bronze is used. The axesof the gear wheels are always arranged at a right angle to each other and offset. Therefore the motor is always positioned at 90° to the output axis and is offset in height by the center distance. Worm gears can be manufactured with only one (1) tooth. Therefore high reduction ratios can be realized in one gear stage. This makes the worm gear unit simpleand compactindesign. Worm gears are also available with a hollow shaft or double-sided shaft.

The contact surfaces of planetary gears on the other hand roll against each other like a car wheel on the road. Wear is therefore minimal and their efficiency is high. However, more noise is generated during tooth engagement, making the planetary gear loudercompared to the worm gear. Steel can be used as a suitable material, which allows for high loadcapacities. The axisof the motor and the gear are coaxial, which means the planetary gear acts as an extension of the motor axis. Planetary gears can have high reduction ratios. To realize this, several gear wheels (gear stages) have to be installed. This leads to the fact that the gear unit becomes more complex in its structure as the reduction ratio increases. This also increases the costs the higher the reduction ratio becomes.


Our gear portfolio:

Worm Gears
Planetary Gear
What is understood by the concept of self-locking gears?2021-02-17T08:47:05+01:00

Self-lockingonly occurs with worm gears. In a self-locking gear unit, the output shaft cannot be moved by a torque applied to this shaft. It behaves like a brake. A vivid example of a self-locking gear is a wiper motor for windscreens. When the motor is switched off, the wiper stops in place and cannot be moved in any direction.

A worm gear becomes self-locking when its degree of efficiency becomes less than 0.5. In such cases, we speak of static self-locking if the drive exhibits this behavior when idle. This static self-locking effect is indicated in the list of gears on our website. The friction coefficient at the point of contact can be affected through regular operation or occurring vibrations and the degree of efficiency can be improved. If a drive is self-locking even in this state, this is called dynamic self-locking.

Planetary gears that have a very high reduction ratio exhibit a similar behavior. Their output shaft cannot be moved seemingly. However, this is due to the high frictional torque in the gearbox. If the torque is increased, any planetary gear can be operated in reverse. Self-locking worm gears however cannot be operated in reverse, regardless of the force applied.


Our self-locking portfolio:

Worm Gears
Worm gear motor
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