Project Description

Worm Gear

HILBA worm gear heads are compact, single-stage gears with very smooth running. At high reduction ratios, the gear is self-locking. The axes are offset by 90° and versions with hollow shafts or double-sided shafts are available.

Axial Spacing -12 …
Torque – 0.3…
Reduction – 2.25…

Overview of your benefits.

Of course, all individual parts are available in our stock. We will assemble your design for you within the shortest possible time and carry out a function test on 100% of all gears sold.


We offer worm gears in 4 series with different axial spacings. The nominal torque varies depending on the reduction ratio and motor speed.

Axial Spacing Nominal Torque Reduction Data Sheet CAD


12mm 0.3 to 2Nm 7:1 to 50:1


17mm 0.9 to 4.6Nm 2.25:1 to 75:1


25mm 4.9 to 15.6Nm 4:1 to 50:1


31mm 5.3 to 27.4Nm 2.5:1 to 100:1

HILBA Formula

Based on the stock at hand, we offer a truly unique concept. Choose the most suitable design and change appearance and shape according to your wishes. Thanks to inventory management, in-house production with a high vertical range of manufacturing and a strict focus on flexible processes, we also supply tailor-made drives with unbeaten short delivery times. And the best thing is: starting even from small quantities.

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