The HILBA Formula

Specializing in miniature drive systems, we offer you a unique concept.

You have the possibility to modify and adapt a selected gearaccording to your requirements. Even for small lot sizes. Due to our consistent strategy on flexible process flows, our own production with high manufacturing depth and our extensive stock of finished parts, we are able to deliver a tailor-made product in the shortest possible time. And with increasing sales figures, our processes also grow with your business needs. Product-specific automation and structured processes reduce costs and ensure consistent quality.

HILBA Formula
Selection Icon

Step N°1

Selectinga suitable drive based on your technical specifications.

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Step N°2

Motor selection. We leave it up to you to decide whether you want to specify the motor or whether we should relieve you of this task and procure the motor for you. We are not tied to a single manufacturer and we can fit any motor to our drives. The fitting itself is carried out at our plant in Villmergen, Switzerland.

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Step N°3

You can make adjustmentsuntil you have found the optimal solution for you. Any conceivable change to the product is possible.

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Step N°4

Implementationof the adjustments and manufacture of the tailor-made solution. From development to production, we have all the links at our disposal to implement special solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

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Step N°5

Worldwide shippingof our products. Thanks to inventory management and a consistent focus on flexible processes, we supply you worldwide with unbeaten short delivery times.

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Step N°6

Assistancein case of questions and difficulties even after delivery goes without saying.

Overview of your benefits.

  • Extensive range of drivesavailable from stock.

  • Every imaginable adaptation to the product is possible. If this should not be sufficient, we can develop a tailor-made drive from scratch – just made for you.

  • Thanks to flexible processes, we can offer tailor-made solutions even in small lot sizes.

  • We are not tied to a single manufacturer and we can fit any motor to our drives.

  • Extremely short delivery times can be achieved through in-house production and warehousing.

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